It was a hot—(90’) and humid {90% humidity) day at the TS Epic. What a change from the 58’ and rainy day on Tuesday. Today on stage 5, Justin Lindine headed up the road with third place racer Sam Koerber and remained in the overall lead by 12 minutes. Justin tells us that he was dripping with sweat in the heat, and happy to have two full water bottles on his bike. Brian Matter who was in second place slipped back to third after flat tire issues early in the stage.


Tomorrow’s 38 mile stage will be one of the toughest stages with 4100 feet of climbing on a sawtooth profile that features five ascents, three of which are over 2000 feet. Justin is feeling great and hopes that his luck holds thru Saturday’s 7th and final stage. Justin is racing on the Redline D680 29’r carbon fiber hardtail bicycle.