Justin Lindine made a second trip to race in China, this time knowing the course and chasing coveted UCI Cat 1 points. Mr. Lindine was rewarded for his efforts by a fabulos trip, garnering 20 UCI points, and sharing the trip with his wife. The competition was better, and it is always good to race at the highest level before ‘Cross Vegas. Mr. Lindine also rode the road race the following Monday. Race details: The weather was in the high 70’s with high humidity and the crowds were bigger than last year. The promoters are rumoured to be working towards a World Cup, and by all accounts, with the organization and course they have, they just might get there. Mr. Lindine rode his Novatech CXD tubeless wheels with Kenda happy medium tires at 24psi front and rear.

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What Cyclocross Magazine had to say:
Redline’s Justin Lindine overcame a slow start to close in on a top-five finish before being passed by Decker on the last lap. The two had raced each other on mountain bikes in Breckenridge, with Lindine coming out on top, but he was satisfied with his finish in Beijing. “Not a bad day to have a trip to China, be able to race bike, and get paid a little bit, so it was fun,” Lindine said, despite being hopeful of matching last year’s third place.