Redlines Justin Lindine in the thick of it this weekend at the Pro XCT race in Windham, New York. The Pro XCT is a collection of the top 9 cross-country mountain bike races in the United States. The Pro XCT will include all Cat 1 and 2 UCI cross-country races and a few handpicked non-UCI cross-country races throughout the U.S.

Justin was lined up in the third row at the start and fought his way through the top racers one by one, working his way up to 8th place by the 3rd lap. Windham is one of Justin’s favorite courses and is considered his hometown course. Justin describes a lap of the course as 12 minutes of climbing, and 5 minutes of technical descent, with no time for rest. By the finish, Justin had caught and passed Mitchell Hoke who is currently 5th place overall in the Pro XCT MTB series. This is Justin’s best result ever in a Pro XCT race.