Redline’s Josh Hult rode both categories –BMX and MTB this past weekend at the Outlaws of Dirt in Frisco, CO. Mr. Hult won the BMX category and was third place in the MTB division.

Here is what Plus size BMX had to say about the event.

The Out Laws of Dirt BMX class was nuts, The guy were throwing down at Frisco, CO Adventure park Like there was no tomorrow, we even had a couple trains of out laws roll in during comp which made for good times.

At the end of the day Josh Hult went home with the win…

Here is what Mr. Hult said, This contest is the second stop of a 3 part series that is put on by our friends over at Plus Size BMX. The whole idea of this series is to bring another dirt contest to the scene that is truly there to help the riders, and not themselves. The goal is to unite the freestyle worlds of both BMX and MTB on the same course to showcase both bike sizes and get the riders together to support each other and just flat out have a good time. So far both stops have been an absolute blast and the third stop on October 18-20 of 2013 is going to be help at Woodward West and is bound to be a good time. 


The finals at this event were run as a 30 minute jam session with the BMX pros judging the MTB riders and vise versa, so that it could be rider judged with less bias towards close friends. In the long run this idea turned out to be a real fair way to place the riders and I think everyone was happy with the outcome.

Outlaws of Dirt from Cameron McKenney on Vimeo.