The first race of the 2009 Italian Cup took place in Creazzo (Vicenza), on the same track that will host the 5th and 6th rounds of the European Championship in a few months.  Along with the best Italian racers, the Latvian National team and two German riders showed up to test the competition and try out the track.

REDLINE sponsored Manuel De Vecchi – one of last years’ Olympic-8, kicked off the new season with his new team BMX ITALIANO OLIMPICO.  And by the results, it looks like his off-season training is going to pay off well this year. 

DeVecchi won all the motos and the main.

” I’m very satisfied of my race. For me was very important to win at home in front of the Latvians because this race was like a trial of the European rounds and a test of my condition the week before the first race of the European Championship in Zwolle,” said DeVecchi.  ”Unfortunately I had to fight not only against strong riders but also against the weather. It rained since saturday afternoon without break. We couldn’t do the 2 pro-sections of the track but the ‘challenge straights’ were quite good.”
“This race was very hard because the Latvians National team trained on this track for 10 days and they were very fast on all straights,” Manuel continued. “But I made no mistakes. I had a very good start and I did a perfect first straight. To enter first in the first corner was very important because the next straights are smaller and I could run away. That’s what I did and I won the race!”
Treimanis took 2nd and Skujins (Junior European Champion from 2008) placed third.

Unfortunately, DeVecchi couldn’t compete with well known Latvian Artursa Matisons, due to Arturs getting injuried earlier in the week while training on the pro section of the second straightaway. Mattisons may be out for up to 3 weeks, and will stay in Italy for one month to train with Devecchi to help prepare for the Klatovy found of the Euro Champ series.