I know Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, but so much has happened during that week, it’s taken me this long to gather my thoughts to move forward.

I blogged that I was headed to Morristown for Day 1’s national.  The track was ehhhh, interesting I suppose.  Practice went fine and I felt really strong.  I was really surprised at the turnout for Elite Open.  Kelty, Beaty, Faoro, I thought would be at the ABA Grands.  Results aren’t important, neither the track condition or construction.  It’s what happened off the track that really made the weekend a difficult one.

Friday night, myself, Frank-the-Tank and Derek Ramsey are sitting in the hotel room and chatting and I asked about how Kyle Weisenber was doing.  It wasn’t but 15 minutes later, we get a call from Kyle’s dad telling us he was in a serious accident and the doctors weren’t expecting him to make it.  Then, on Saturday morning, we find out another rider from Louisville passed away from brain cancer.  

So on December 30, I had to go to Craig Renck’s funeral, then turn around and attend Kyle’s on December 5th.  Let me say that both of these guys were loved!  Both were people that you loved to be around, because they were always in a great mood and was able to make you laugh, no matter how rough a day you may have had.  Craig and Kyle were alike, in that they loved anything 2 wheels!  Both were natural riders, with tons of style.

Kyle’s viewing was nothing short of amazing!  3 hours was the wait to visit with K-Dub and his family!!!  K-Dub’s jersey’s, trophies, and art were on display.  Video’s played from Kyle’s "In Focus" video too.  On Saturday, all of us from the old Battle Team wore our jersey’s, as well as all the other BMXers in attendance wore theirs too.  We then got our bikes and led the procession to Kyle’s final resting place.  I don’t know if any of you believe in spirits or ghost, but for some reason, I could just feel K-Dub’s smile coming down on us, letting us know he’s ok up there in heaven.  

Kyle also gave the gift of life to others.  His heart, pancreas, liver and kidneys were able to be saved and help those needing organs to live a longer life.  K-Dub signed his donor card on his license.  

Both were way to young to go back home, but all I understand is the GOD had something for them more important to do.  I’m going to miss both very much.