So I flew into Philly last night….on a VERY delayed flight. After like a half hour/hour delay INSIDE the airport, there was another 1 1/2 or two hour delay ON THE RUNWAY. Felt like the longest flight ever except we weren’t even moving, much less in the air! But anyways, good thing we flew in Thursday and not today I guess or we would have missed practice.

It’s SUPER humid out here in Delaware with gray skies looking like rain. The dense fog we flew into yesterday was actually why we were delayed so long they told us. But, I guess we’ll be able to measure how humid it is by how much we sweat in practice today without any sun. haha. That is…if I GET to practice =[ I have to see how my leg feels today and then decide how hard to push it. I’ve got too busy of a summer ahead to be dealing with an injury the whole time, So i’m going to make sure it’s feeling good and not try to push my luck too much more than I already have. The push through-it-philosohy hasn’t worked too well yet so I am actually gonna have to make sure this one’s healed.

Anyways, I will either update this blog more or make a new one probably with pics tonight to let you know how it goes.

Oh and I guess I might be the next Q &A session on here so keep your eyes open for that!