Hey everyone! I’ve been crazy busy this past month touring and riding.  I was in San Diego four weeks ago doing shows, then I went to San Clemente with TJ Ellis to do the TV show called "Built to Shred" for Fuel TV and Skullcandy.

A few days after that I flew to Sacramento to do demos for the Backyard BBQ witch went extremely well. I came home for a few days after that and hung out at the beach for 2 days surfing before I flew to Denver to do the DC Roughing it tour. It was the bmx team and the new DC RV.  Fat Tony from RIDEBMX.COM came along to gather the story. We toured for a week and a half from Denver headed back to San Diego, hitting up spots on the way and doing a few demos.

I just got back home yesterday and am excited to be hitting up the trails for the next few weeks. I’m now getting ready for the Redbull Stomping Grounds contest in Chicago on the 11th and 12th of June, and will also be heading to a contest in Augusta, Georgia. 

Mike "Hucker" Clark / update 5/28/2010