Just had a tiring 2 weeks,  I had a hockey tournament playing 7 games in 5 days along with doing my BMX training as well.  Out of 28 teams we played teams from the Yukon territory, Alaska and Texas.  We lost the Semi-finals but ended up winning the Bronze medal the next morning 4-2.  I Had a lot of fun playing.

Reno went ALMOST great haha.   Saturday I felt awesome winning everything until the main.  Lane 7 in the main and I pulled 2nd place behind Connor with Sharrah in third.  Sunday started off a little rough, my legs felt flat and my first 2 motos didn’t feel very good.  By the third moto I woke up and felt good.  Going into the main I was determined to win and I felt super pumped up for it.  Pulled lane 8 and I knew what I had to do.  Got a good gate and came across as far as I could, I dove down low in turn 1 and went from third to first, I was winning with Connor in second going into the last turn and he came on the inside of me, I railed the turn as hard as I could and almost got around him but we both ended up eating dirt. Sharrah went around us to win.  All in all felt it was a good weekend and look forward to Guthrie!

Shout out to all the other Redline riders in Reno, everyone did well!