Well…I GRADUATED!!! graduation date was friday, may 29, 2009. It’s crazy to think all those k-12 years was for that little diploma (which i dno’t get until track season is over and i turn my uniform in lol). I never thought I’d see the day when i wore the cap and gown…I graduated with honors as well, so i also got to wear the orange and black cords which was cool. And I didn’t even trip or anything when i had to walk to get my diploma in heels…amazing huh?? lol

It was a fun/mixed emotions evening spent with all my friends!! After graduation we had our senior all night party where no one can leave the school until 5am which was super fun…except that the track team had to leave at 2am because we had sections the next morning…but i will get to that later. Anyways, the grady party had a casino, carnival games, tons of food, massages, handwriting analysis, coffee shack, wii and guitar hero, lounge areas, arcade games, bingo rooms, a giant blow up obstacle course, caricatures, and of course….a dj and dance floor =] it was a super fun night and I was definitely sad I had to miss out on some of the later prizes and the hypnotist, which rumor has was very funny. however I did win a half hour massage to an actual place, as well as time in the cash machine (but that was at 3am so i didn’t get to do it). oh well, it was worth it in the end because….

We’re going to state in track!! my "voodoo" guy worked wonders again and got my quad into DECENT enough shape, gave me an amazing tape job, and i got to run! I won the pole vault to get to state, we won our 4×200 relay to get to state, WERE SO CLOSE In our 4×100 relay..and most excitingly, we’re in in our 4×400 relay. And i say this was the most exciting because it came down to the wire. Another team was leading us the whole race by a pretty good distance that I, the last runner, didn’t know if i could make up. However rounding the final curve and headed down the last straight, I passed the girl and we are headed to state. That wil take next weekend and because I ran so hard this weekend, it’s going to take a miracle for me to be at 100% or even running condition for it…hopefully voodoo man will work his magic again =]

Anyways, that’s it for now…i’ll update you on state and what not later this week!