In my last blog entry before Chula (I know it was probably hard to remember I even wrote these blog updates since it’s been so long), I said to keep updated, because there were lots of exciting things happening that week. Now’s when you get to hear about them.

I finally started getting into the swing of things with school not having to fly out in the middle of the week, but there was still so many things going on that were out of the norm. My parents and friend from home flew in during the week for Chula, there was practice for the race during my classes thursday and friday, I had my own room at Chula for the week and weekend, and I even had to spend some time in the Chula Vista ER.

This sounds worse than it is, but I got stitches in my head last Wednesday evening/Thursday morning before the SX race here. I had gone to the OTC Wednesday night in hopes of waking up, doing practice Thursday morning and heading back to class after. Of course, nothing can be that simple in the life of Alise Post though. Late Wednesday night I remembered I had clothes in the washing machine that needed to be put in the dryer (who wants wet, moldy clothes?). As I was quickly trying to get this task over with, I decided to take a shortcut off the pathway and go under the staircase. Someone training for the Olympics is OBVIOUSLY too out of shape and lazy to walk AROUND the staircase, I mean c’mon right? While taking my shortcut however, I thought it was a good idea to stand up to tall underneath of the staircase and smash my head on the CEMENT staisr. I’m a BMXer so of course I need to inflict more pain upon myself than necessary to prove my toughness. So as I am dancing around, holding my head, wanting to yell naughty words at the pain in my head but instead am trying to laugh it off with Joey, I take my hand off the top of my head and notice that it is COVERED in blood. This was the point when I started getting a little dizzy/loopy. I think I was in shock at how much blood was coming out of my own head. So Joey and I inspected the scene and realized that there were metal beams supporting the cement stairs and that must have been the sharp object I hit. Anyways, Joey called the staff on site around 12:30am to "just make sure I was ok, it doesn’t really look that bad though". So the on-call doctor comes in and immedicately tells me we’re headed to the hospital for some stitches because I sliced my head up pretty good. The doc (who was actually a physical therapist which is why he couldn’t stitch me up on site) and I headed to the hospital and got right in in the emergency room, which is usually unheard of. As one of the doctors is inspecting me he tells me they might have to shave a little of my hair to get it all sewn up. Instantly, my heart rate monitor SKYROCKETED and the doctor laughed. He insured me it wouldn’t be noticeable because I had enough hair to cover up the bald spot, so don’t stress over it. (I was just thinking, "uhhh noo, mr. doctor guy sir, you don’t understand how THIN my hair is and how ridiculous this 2 inch long bald spot with stitches in it is going to look!"). But in the end, he was right and it wasn’t very noticable at all. Moving along to another funny part of the hospital trip that proved my "tough BMXer status"… When we got in with the PA actually fixing me up, he tells me he’s putting staples in my head instead of stitches. At this point is when I explained to him that I think reagular sutures would be better, because they would be more flexible under my helmet for my BMX race the next day. (NOTE: it was like 3 in the morning then and I had practice at 9am). He then proceeded to tell me that he didn’t care what I had going on because I would not be doing anything for the next ten days because there was a possibilty of a concussion when I hit my head, so he would do whatever he thought was in my best intrest for HEALING. I then told him I knew he had to advise me that way, but it really didn’t matter because I WOULD be racing that weekend no matter what he told me. I was not about to miss the home track SX race! Anyways, after a little tizzy with the doctor, I finally got 6 stitches (not staples..I WIN! haha) on the back/top left of my head and was out of the hospital around 4am. Needless to say, the physical therapist that brought to the hospital, said if he saw me riding in my 9am practice, he would push me off my bike himself. During the practice then, I went down to the medical staff on site and did a "concussion check", passed with flying colors and was told I could ride the next day. (Good thing I missed those two morning tests for "practice"…at least I got out of a few tests for the day haha =] )

I just got my stitches out on Friday and it healed up nicely the doctor here told me. I shouldn’t have too big of a scar in the end from it, it’s just a little scabby right now. It’s definitely nie to be able to brush and wash my hair without worrying about ripping the sutures out!!

Anyways, that will forever be my dumb scar story to tell my kids and I guess it could have been a lot worse so I will get over it.

Dear reader: my lesson learned and advice to give you is don’t do laundry in the middle of the night and don’t take shortcuts. love, brilliant alise =]