Well, the kiddos spent the night with Nanny and it allowed us to go out and do big boy and big girl stuff!  So what to do?  Dinner and a movie it was.  I’ve been hearing about this Paranormal Activity movie and all the buzz is that it was supposed to be pretty gnarly.  So after a nice dinner at Tumbleweed, we headed to the theater and found the best seats. 

So the movie starts off pretty slow.  The guy in the movie is a riot!  At first I was like, "Is this a comedy or a scary movie?"  The movie does ramp up the scary factor a bit and it is a good movie, but this is a movie where you have to use your imagination a little bit;  you can’t rely on the special effects.

Watched Gorgeous George on Go211 and dominate!  Congrats to 3G for riding so well.  Good luck to the Redline Team today and tomorrow at the Disney Cup – wish I was there with ya.  Everyone going trick-or-treating, be careful and check the candy before you eat it!