Practice went really well in Guthrie, The first straight was technical and the second straight pro set was huge!  Probably one of the hardest pro sets I’ve done.

Saturday morning motos went well qualifying out with 2-2-3, in the semi on the second pro jump I hit Sharrahs back wheel who was in front of me and I blew off my pedals and somehow managed to do a one footer and run it out on the landing and keep going.  Rode the last 2 straight unclipped and made the main qualifying 3rd in the Semi.  Hit the gate in the main and ended 6th.

Sunday I felt great.  Won all my mottos 1-1-1 and I was feeling so confident and ready to get on the box!  Lane 2 in the semi and got 2nd to Willers.  Had a good lane choice for the main and picked 3.  Gate was perfect and I was bumping With Daudet and Long to the turn then I managed to break free of them and was in 2nd down the second straight to WIllers.  hit the first pro jump perfect then cased the second one.  I lost some speed so I pedaled once and jumped the last one, but by that point Daudet had caught up and he jumped into me on the landing and we both crashed.  No podium for me ended up 7th.  

Really disapointed about not getting on the box on Sunday, but I felt great all weekend, really confident and everything is coming together.  Just had some bad luck in the main on Sunday.  Stoked to be in the elite main both days and I’m going to keep the ball rolling for the rest of the year.  It’s only January, let’s race!


Tory #49