Set under the backdrop of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, Rad Canyon BMX near Salt Lake City played host for this weekend’s Great Salt Lake National, and the Redline team was there enjoying another awesome weekend of USABMX racing!

Let’s kick it off with the pros:

What can we say about Sam Willoughby that hasn’t been said before? He made it another historic weekend by turning in his 10th and 11th straight Elite wins. Saturday’s win took some deep digging, as Sam admittedly wasn’t getting the best starts. In main number one, he found himself in an unfamiliar place…dead last out of the gate. After passing a few guys down the second straight and booming the triple into turn two, Sam turned on the gas and passed three more down the third straight and went into the final turn in third. With another shift, he gassed it into second and pulled alongside lap leader Kurt Pickard, but had to settle for the second place finish. To understand how amazing (and difficult) it is to go from eighth to second, passing many of the world’s fastest bmx racers in one lap, you really have to witness it! The crowd was going bananas, and brought back memories of the cheers we got used to hearing when legend Bubba Harris was on the team! If this had been a UCI event, it would have been a one-run main, and Sam’s win-streak would’ve ended right there at nine. Luckily for Sam and Redline, it was a USABMX weekend with a three-main total-points format. Sam won the second main start to finish, and after narrowly avoiding a trip over the first turn (courtesy of former USABMX champ and New Zealand Olympian, Marc Willers), he came back to finish second in the third and final main, giving him low points and the overall win.

On Sunday, Sam was back to doing what he does best: getting out front and never looking back. After winning all three motos and semi-final, he won all three mains as well, putting an exclamation mark on his great weekend. At this point, we’re beginning to think he’s super-human!

We had two riders representing in the A-pro class in Salt Lake: rookie pro sensation, Josh Klatman, who is inching closer and closer to his graduation into the elite class, and the Kiwi boy wonder himself, Trent Woodcock. With powerful starts and smooth lines, Josh ended the weekend with an impressive pair of second place finishes. He was tied for the overall win going into the third main on Sunday and had a great run going, but a first-jump bobble put him back to third in the lap, giving him second overall. Trent has been looking fast lately, showing flashes of the speed that earned him a second place finish at the 2011 World Championships in Copenhagen. After finishing 6th on Saturday, Trent had to end Sunday early after straining his surgically repaired shoulder in the first moto. We predict he’ll be back to form and ready for Summer Tour in a few weeks.

With Alise Post taking the weekend off to prepare for her travels to the UCI World Cup in Papendal (Netherlands), Carly Dyar was the lone female in the house, holding it down for the squad in 17-20 girls. She looked incredibly strong all weekend, qualifying for her finals in the first round both days. She finished the weekend with a pair of hard-fought seconds, after some first straight/first turn action had her pushed back in the pack. With three wins under her belt this season, she’s on a mission for three more to cap her out in the NAG (National Age Group) title race.

It was an awesome weekend in SLC, and the hot weather was just a hint of what lies ahead as the Redline squad follows the USABMX Pro Series to historic Rockford BMX in Rockford, IL, June 21st-23rd. Between here and there, the TM and vet pro legend, Jason Carnes, will be tearing up the landscape with Flight Schools this week in Richfield, UT (6/11, 5-8pm), Grand Junction, CO (6/12, 5-8pm), Eagle, CO (6-14, 5:30-8:30pm), and Dacono, CO (6/15, 5-8pm). Stay tuned for further dates and times.

Safe travels to everyone out there and we’ll see you at “The Rock!”