Rounds 9 & 10 of the UK National series was held at Gosport bmx club and with the season close to the end every win counts and didn’t we get some wins.

Day 1

Back from Copenhagen world championships and looking fresh World No.1 Alan Hill was looking again unbeatable, in 35-39 cruiser Haro rider Mario managed to stay close to Alan but still unable to pass with Alan cruising to 1st place in the final. Junior Men rider Jacob Roberts was back and looking fast after a disappointing two rounds at Redditch, Jacob took the lead in moto’s 1, 2 & 3 and claimed his place in the final resulting in 2nd place, Good Result!!!!  Valerie Zebrokova was also on a mission as she needed to win this round to claim the National No.1 title, final came and Valerie was in the lead from start to finish with no one getting close enough to challenge. With home track advantage Ayesha McLelland need to get some good results but was kept at bay by Pure rider Charlotte and took 2nd.

Other results of the day

  • Emily Hutt  –  1st
  • Travis Wilson    4th
  • Matt Hutt – 4th
  • Andy Clucas  –  4th
  • Alan Hill    1st masters
  • Abi Hill – 3rd

Day 2

Sunday was looking good with sunny skies and with some good results from day 1, day 2 was starting to feel good. Emily started off the day and never lost a lap and took the first win of the day. Emily’s brother Matt Hutt was on good form in the 9yr boys class and made the final and took his first national win of the season, Well Done!! Jacob Roberts again was flying though his moto’s and semi’s but come final time and into the 3rd corner came chaos as all 8 riders crashed leading to a mad scramble to get up and finish, Jacob manage to get a 4th after the crash. Abi Hill had a good day and claimed an overall 1st place in 30+ cruiser, Abi’s fist win of the season.

Other results of day 2

  • Travis Wilson – 3rd
  • Valerie Zebrokova  –  1st
  • Andy Clucas    2nd
  • Ayesha McLelland    8th
  • Alan Hill – Masters 1st
  • Alan Hill – cruiser 1st

The Redline UK Team would like to send thanks to their sponsors

THE Industries, Troy Lee, Tacx, Airace, Tioga, Shimano

Next race: Round 11 & 12 Manchester 3-4th September

Pictured: World No.1 Alan Hill

Pictured: Matt Hutt