Gorgeous here, on the other side of the keyboard. I wanted to update you on a bunch of stuff.

Awhile back, I posted on FB that I snapped a chain on my cruiser at about my 7th crank out of the gate, practicing out at Chandler BMX. I slammed into the first jump HARD. A little scary but I was OK and just a bit sore. Then, a week later at the SCQ I decided to tap a step-up instead of jump it and got the rear tire buzz. This sent me OTB head first into the next jump, cracking my TLD lid in 3 places ! OUCH.  My neck was sore for about 2 weeks. I had recently purchased a Leatt brace, but didn’t have it on. I’m having mixed emotions about the Leatt. It has changed the way I ride and it covers up my sponsors. ( I rode it in practice in Bakersfield but took it off to race).  Anyway, I bought a new TLD and my neck is back to 90%. I might sell the Leatt … still trying to decide.

Just got a Redline care package in the mail yesterday — WAY cool stuff. New Redline shirts are way nice and the LizardSkins pads came just in time for the hot temps in AZ. I will use them for sure during the hot months with the zip-off Redline leathers. I’ll see how they feel under the leathers when I run full length leathers.

OMG ! I was feeling bad because on Redline’s FaceBook, it said the pros were getting new Lizard Skin grip clamps with their name on them – thinking I was out of the loop because of my am status …  and then BAM!  There they were in my package – customized lock-on LizardSkin grips with my name and the Redline logo on the clamps. Now I really feel FACTORY.

Bakersfield: The Redline-Challenge factory team took two 3rds for the weekend. Good grub and fun with the Wrens. I got 3 out of 4 wins. I doubled on cruiser with a 24 and 19 rider count, which should distance me from 2nd place Archibald by double digit points! I had lane 8 both days in 41x. As I went into the last corner in 4th place, a wreck almost netted me a 2nd but I finished 3rd. On Sunday, I had Buckle in 7, Pistol Pete in 6 and Animal in … I think, 4. It was going to be another tough one. But I won that main wire to wire! Best single main event since the ’09 Grands. I was sooooooooooo stoked!!!  I beat a 4-time AA-Pro champ, a 4-time Am-Cruiser champ, along with 5 other fast cats and this REDLINE equipped, 150lb,  skinny guy from Mesa won from lane 8! WHEW.  Sorry … I am still amped over that one !  …hee hee 

–Gorgeous George