After a very long, strong and cold winter together with Martin Hauser I was Coach at 4 days clinic for the kids in my region and really enjoyed helping them out with training. Several of them already had some good results until now !

Then I started my season with the international race at Besancon in France. Luckily I was able to have some training at the track at home before the competition !

The track was technical and challenging, and it worked better for me with every round.

After good motos I made it to the semi and then main, where I had a very lousy gate and was blocked immediatly. After a good move in the first turn I came to second place for 2nd turn and fighted hard. I came closer to the leading rider, but  already reached the finish line, but 2nd was pretty good !

At home in Germany there were 4 rounds of the national series. The first 2 were held at my old hometrack at Bremen, where we had a lot of cold wind. I raced cruiser only and won both days.

Next 2 rounds were held 28km from my hometown, at the redesigned track at Ingersheim. With sunshine all day long I felt good and won cruiser both days – again. On Saturday, I searched some more challenge and competed with Men 30+. With good gates I qualified out of the motos for semi and with 3rd place I made it to the main ! That was my 9th race-lap that day, felt a bit tired, but still enjoyed ! After a funny race I finished 5th – very satisfied with that !