Wow…I’m a chatty Cathy the past 3 days…lol…

2009 has been an interesting year to say the least.  Scored a sponsorship with one of the greatest bicycle companies ever, broke a hand, scored some elite open mains, crashed my brains out at the NBL Grands, made my first elite masters main this week.  2010 is looking good so far!  Jason and I are ranked #1 and #3 in the VERY new season of the NBL Elite Series. 

Just a few "Thank You’s" I’d like to send out for the 2009 season.  First, I have to thank the Alpha Omega for putting me in a position to ride a BMX bike and allowing me to be a postive role model for the BMX community.  My wife and two beautiful girls for being understanding about all the training and weekends away to go ride a kids bike on dirt hills.  Gork for allowing me to run the Red, Black and White of the "Most factory" team out there, Redline Bicycles!  Jason Carnes for helping me see the bigger picture of BMX racing and especially for the uniform guidance over the Christmas weekend…Jeff at JWBMX for all the gears and stems throughout the season, Rob McAllister for the coolest number plates out there, Ray Hudson for always taking time out to take a phone call and giving advice.  To each and every BMXer that came up and asked for my autograph, you don’t know how good that makes me feel!  To all the BMXer’s that attended a clinic I taught and listened.  Frank, Marty, Weston and Derek for keeping the old man on point and pushing me.  Wiggy for all the training advice.  Thank you to everyone that bought a Redline product!  Times are rough and I’m grateful for your support of the Redline brand.


Me and Jason leading an Elite Masters moto at the NBL Christmas Classic, Louisville, KY.