Redline~Challenge Riders who attended the GNW Nationals: Shelby Wren , Dylan Sons, Tommy Bellew, Chris Westbrook, Mason Duncun and Alysha Weaver.



Shelby raced Open and Class in 8 girls and recieved a 2nd in Open and 3rd in class. Dylan was on fire in the 9x and took an impressive 2nd , while A-pro Tommy Belew racked up some spare cash with a third place score.  Was great to see Tommy back on the Pro pdoium!  And then Chris grabbed 6th in 31-40Cruiser.

Our new mini rider, Mason, went in high on the last turn and killed the comp with a big win, and Alysha Weaver finished on the podium with a 3rd.

In the team chase, all of these scores were enough to give Redline-Challenge 4th for the day. It was a great day the team celebrated afterwards with a fun pizza-fest together.



As if Saturday was good, day two was even better!  Shelby Wren raced open and class, again. This was her 7th Mixed-Open main and she recieved her Open jacket from the ABA. She was so excited that went on to grab 3rd agisnt the Boys in open, and then finished off the girls class with a 2nd place score. Dylan got another 2nd. Despite Tommy’s first-moto fall, he still finished 2nd for the day – improving his Saturday score by one spot and taking home a wallet full of cash. Chris didn’t give up in the main and had forth until the last straight. He laid down his power and across the line pulled out a 3rd. Mason tried to put the moves on the 5 and under boys class, and in the end he too took 2nd.  Alysha pulled off another 3rd.

Team sheet time? The team finished overall 5th on this day. 

All of the riders are training harder then ever. We are so excited for the Bakersfield national.

Redline~Challenge’s SHELBY WREN – goin’ full throttle in Redmond.