Yesterday was our first day on the track and it went pretty well in my opinion.  It was definitely windy, a headwind on the first and third straight, which were the hardest straights for the girls. The first jump is easy (really shallow step up) and the second jump is a triple meant to double into for us.  However, when there was no headwind, a bunch of us gals stepped up and jumped the whole thing.  Pretty cool to see the girls progress…I think the HUGE Chula jumps might have had an influence on that??? haha I am not sure but it was definitely fun to air out the triple in the time trials. Anyways, the third straight is giving the girls the hardest time, strictly because of the wind though. Come time trials and our second practice today, the girls were definitely making a better showing on that straight. As for the guys, their second straight is probably the hardest with a super short and tall step up in the middle of it.  It’s kind of just a speed killer because they have to hang up in the air so long but I guess it makes it technical for them.


TIme trials:  ALL THE GALS GOT OUT FIRST MOTO..EVEN ME!!!  I always seem to have issues making it around the track clean my first time around but today it worked out as I finished 6th in the time trials first round! I had a pretty solid lap besides my 50/50 case on the second straight.  I tried to stay too low and it didn’t play out how I hoped.  However I don’t think it damaged my time terribly because I still finished in the top 8 which I was happy about! (the one time I can just relax and make it out in the top 16 first round since we have quarters is the time I decide to qualify in the top 8!!)  Arielle followed me up with an 11th, Brooke with 13th, and Amanda 15th.  So it was an early day and we got to head back to the hotel and the beach!  

The boys did well also, David Herman had a little hang up in the first round of trials but managed his way through the second round.  Sam Willoughby impressively came unclipped out of the gate and still managed a 17th in the FIRST round of trials.


That’s it for today, wish me luck tomorrow as I am in the hardest quarter, which is to be combined with the second hardest quarter to make hopefully an EXTREMELY stacked semi!

update you later..