"Gorgeous George" Goodall just won the ABA National No.1 cruiser title, with a hard-fought battle in 41-45 Cruiser. 

While the end result was exactly what he’d hoped for, Goodall’s start and first straightaway weren’t. Coming out of the first turn side by side with Larry Miamoto, Goodall had his work cut out for him. The Fullerton Bikes rider almost held him off, but Goodall and his Flight Pro-24 laid down the power going in to turn two, where Goodall took the inside line and proceeded to put his name in the BMX history books! Edging in to the last turn, Kent Elliott even moved in to position to take a stab at George, but the Man who’d led National Cruiser points all year crossed the line first.

In is acceptance speech, George thanked God first, the ABA and his sponsor – Redline.