Prior to the ABA Grands on Thanksgiving weekend, REDLINE sat down with Mr.Goodall at his Allstate offices and rather than discussing the money we could be saving by switching to Geico, we hit him up with a wide variety of questions designed for everyone to get to know him better. If you’ve read the previous 4-part interviews with the man known as "Gorgeous George" – you probably know more about him than you’d like to.

Now that he’s returned from Tulsa as ABA’s newly crowned King of Cruisers; we called the 2009 National No.1 Champ to follow up on what it’s like to have a big silver cup sitting on your dining room table.

[phone] Riiiiiing … Riiiiiiiinnnngg ………… Riiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggg

George: Hello, Allstate insurance.

Redline: Yeah, I just wrecked my Ferrari. Will you buy me a new one?

George: Gork! What’cha doin’?

Redline: Hyping you up, Cruiser Champ. Let’s talk about winning the Cup. Has it settled in yet? How’s it feel?

George: Yeah, it’s settled in. My local track – Chandler, had a great trophy presentation for all the Grands participants and interviewed each of the three title winners ( 3D, Dyar and myself ). It’s an awesome feeling with all my friends, old and new, and competitors giving me props on Facebook and through e-mail.

The first time I’m announced on the gate at a national race, though, it will really sink in.

Redline: I saw on your facebook photo that the Cup was sitting on your dining room table. Have you decided where to put it yet?

George: It’s now on a shelf in the living room near the front window. I rearranged my apartment yesterday to fit my other Grands trophy and Disney Cups, hung up my number plates and ROC plaques. Probably going to have to move my couch to the balcony soon (laughter).

Redline: We were thinking of borrowing it for our "George Goodall Shrine" that we’re having built here at the SBS offices….

George: Serious?! … sick.  That means I can move my couch back inside the house.

Redline: So, tell us in your words – besides the obvious, how did it go for you in Tulsa? Did you have any problems at all? Any doubts? Did you sleep well with visions of a No.1 title floating in your head?

George: Tulsa went almost picture perfect. Oh, except for I was staying downtown and I didn’t get anything to eat for Thanksgiving except some Cheetos and a Rootbeer since everything was closed after practice. That was my fault. Anyway, race-wise I had a total of 15 laps including the NAG challenge and I won 14 of ’em. I didn’t sleep well on Saturday night but got to go through my morning rountines and felt comfortable as the day progressed. I was a little uneasy going into the cruiser quarter final because there were eight guys to race and my semi only had 6. Looking back, I think I relaxed when I needed to be and was focused when I had to deliver.

Redline: In that main event, you practically gave me a heart attack.Your heart rate must’ve jumped up when you saw the green flash of a Fullerton Bike uniform out in front of you entering turn one ….

George: I had my own heart attack ! I got the worst start of the weekend. I was sooo late !, ( what ‘s new, huh ? ). Out of the gate I saw guys to my left but thought I had enough "AZ pull" to get to the first corner but nope, there was Miyamoto. We knew we wouldn’t see each other till the main but I was hoping he was looking at the back of my jersey not the other way around. I knew I would need to make up some ground somewhere. I couldn’t come this far and let pressure or a bad gate keep me from my dream.

Redline: You definitely held up under pressure. Did you know you could make the swoop in turn two, if needed? And if you didn’t, could you have caught him in the rhythm?

George: I saw I had some room so I knew I could jump the second straight and I just wanted to get to the next corner before him. I hit my helmet on the crossbar trying to stay smooth and maximize the backside. I was surprised when I actually made the move. It was risky but clean. Now could I have caught him in the rhythm ? Honestly ? Yes…..pass him ? Hard to say. Miyamoto is an awesome rider but my 2010 Redline was on point and I felt smooth over the last sections. I know I would have left it all on the track, that you can bet.

Redline: After winning the title, were you still amped to go out and win 20" – or was that just the icing on your Cruiser Champ cake?

George: Icing baby ! Last year in the ex main I saw Diprete flip the gate next to me and I got distracted long enough that my buddy Jody won from lane 8. This year I didn’t want any doubt as to who wanted to win more….though Kent Elliott rode fast and made some great moves near the finish I wanted to win everything and get the NAG titles too. Besides the legend Eddy King was in the gate and I hadn’t raced him since the early 80’s.

Redline: Who was the first person you called after you stepped off the podium stage with your silver Cup?

George: I called my mom who didn’t answer, then my son didn’t answer either and my girlfriend Kathy was at the movies with her son. After a few minutes back at the tralier they all answered my second call. Mom asked how I did and I said pretty good…then I started screaming….I’m the champ ! I’m the cruiser champ…call Grandma & Grandpa. I told my son "I did it bud. I really did it! Dad is the ABA Cruiser Champ!" … and I started crying. It was emotional.

Redline: Yeah; I noticed you didn’t call me or return my calls of congratulations. It must’ve been a non-stop celebration. What’d you do that night to celebrate the victories?

George: I went to get a chili dog and rootbeer. Oh … you mean later, huh? I went to the hotel lounge with two really great friends. There were only like 8 people in there and we celebrated, but within an hour there were like sixty BMX people having fun and some buying me drinks. I have to admit I had a some celebratory drinks out of my Cup! It was sooo fun. I even had cereal out of it in my hotel room the next morning before my flight. A great way to end the ’09 season. 

Redline: So now your No.1 Cup smells like sour milk?!

George: No – I washed it out.

Redline: Final question — last year, we discovered that you were listening to Mariah Carey before a race, to get your nerves calmed down. What was on the I-pod this year?

George: How did I know this was coming up ? (laughter) … Alright. There were two songs flowing most of the weekend. "I’m good" by Clipse and the last song I heard before my cruiser semi and both mains was … .uh, …. "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus !


George: OK. I said it. You’ve got me again.

Redline: You’re serious?!

George: I wouldn’t make that one up. It’s just a " fun" song …ugh… I”ll never live this one down, huh?Redline: On that note, we’ve gotta hang up on you. But again – CONGRATULATIONS!

We’ll have the No.1 Cruiser decal for you at Phoenix, so you can slap it on yourself.

Any last words for our readers?

George: Don’t let your dreams just be dreams. ..oh, and remember kids – Champions aren’t measured by the number of wins, but by the courage it takes to make the journey."

Redline: You’d better get back to work befor eyou get fired. See ya in Reno – and have a cool Christmas and gnarly New Year!

George: You too.