PART 4: The Chase for the Cup


Last year – 2008, Goodall’s highlight was earning a NAG No.1 title. And doing it for Redline, that meant he got to add his name to the "Door of Fame" on the Redline Trailer.
So how does it feel to finally be experiencing such BMX success in his 40’s?!
George: "At this point in time, the success I am finding is because the FUN is back. Racing back in the day against such big names in the pro class was fun – but it was also pretty serious. But now, I am just having a blast. I tell the kids at my weekly Chandler clinics, to keep it fun. When you cross the finishline with a big smile on your face, and turn around to congratulate your competition – and you got to enjoy every moto and main, no matter what place you are in – that is the fun that BMX is all about. That’s the fun that makes BMX racing so great … so popular."
At age 43, Gorgeous George has lead ABA National Cruiser points all year long and will be the man with a target on his back in November 2009.
Will he win the illustrious silver Cup and write his name in the BMX History books? We’ll be able to answer that one next week. For now, Goodall and his Flight Pro-24 are just taking it one moto at a time, and trying to not think about it.
What thoughts are going through your head right now, concerning your Thanksgiving weekend?
George: “It’s just another BMX race. Enjoy myself. Laugh and take lots of photos. I just want to take it one moto at a time. Not get ahead of myself. Just trying to stay relaxed and focus at the task at hand.”
We’re probably not helping you not think about it, are we?
George: “I cherish where I’m at right now. I’ve worked hard to be in this position and in 2005 I couldn’t have ever imagined that I would be sitting atop the leader board in cruiser one day and now it’s here. I’m ready for it!”
All this year – who has been your toughest competition? Anybody in particular you are worried about lining up in the gate next to you?
George: “In all honesty, I’m only worried about me. There are some fast guys I race and we’re all great friends. I know that Jud, Kent, Mr.Moto and others will be coming hard. We’re also missing some of the regulars to injury – like Raymonde, Coover and Madden. But anybody I’m worred about … (thinking) …nope.” 
Seems like it’s all up to you at this point. It’s yours to win, or to hand it over to someone else.
George: “Yup, it’s up to me ! You can bet I will leave it all out on the track.”
Does your new 2010 Flight bike play any factor in the title chase?
George: “Of course! The new 2010 design not only looks fast but helps you go fast. I get in the gate and know I have one of the best bikes on the market and it gives me great confidence.”
What do you prefer – your 20" Pro XXL or your Cruiser? Which do you like better?
George: “I ride my 20" all the time because your response and reflexes have to be spot on or you’ll end up on your ear. After riding the 20-inch, the 24" is like steering an ocean liner. It’s a lot more forgiving. The cruiser, however is my bread and butter. I only ride it a day or so before a national, but it’s tried and true, baby.”
Well, Gorgeous. Good luck in your quest for the Cup. We’ve still got a blank spot on the Door of Fame, on the Redline trailer. And it’d be great to add your title to it. You’d be in some pretty good company up there.
George: “Thanks, and that is definitely a great motivator – to join the company who are listed on the Redline door.”
Would you like to make a statement on all of the rumors going around about you possibly turning Vet Pro in 2010?
George: “I have been asked if I will go or not. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons, but right now I’m really trying to focus on getting thru November with some NAG plates and a silver cup.”
Plates – with a plural, eh?
George: “You’ve got it. There are some really fast riders turning up an age next year. Verhagen, Archibald, Jody Reinoehl, and new riders coming in like Eddy King and Billy Griggs. So I wonder if Vet Pro would be the best move? I guess we will all know come Reno, huh?”
Any last words of advice to everyone who’s going to Tulsa?
George: “Have fun and soak up the entire experience. As they say, this is the Greatest Show on Earth! … BMX wise, that is. C-ya there and thanks to everyone who reads this.”
Thanks. And good luck, buddy.