PART 3: They call him The Working Man

For years now, George has worked for Allstate Insurance company; he’s in good hands. Putting in time behind a desk during the day, he can be seen sprinting up ASU’s "A" Mountain at night for training after he clocks out.

What exactly do you do for Allstate?
George: "I’m in claims, so I don’t sell anything. I’ve been there for about seven years and I review and rewrite auto estimates for damaged cars. I also have done catastrophe work and was in Louisiana for 43 days handling homeowners claims for hurricane Katrina.”
Is it hard to put in a 9 to 5, and then come home and train or practice?
George: "Yeah. I have a BMX clinic I teach every Monday, but that’s not my time. I do hit the track on Tuesdays for gates. In between work, getting and spending time with my kids, Mikal and Madison a few days a week, play some paintball, hang out with my beautiful girlfriend Kathy, riding my MTB, doing the dishes and then get some sleep. I just try to get in a productive sprint or gym sesh’ when I can. AZ weather does make it easier to go outside almost anytime I want to ride.”
Are you working with any specific trainer this year?
George: "No. I think I know what I need to do to prepare for my races. I’m not AA or anything and all us older guys have got the same responsibilities, so though a trainer is great I just can’t justify it right now. But that may change soon, depending on my decisions next year. Besides, I got some of the fastest riders at my local track so I can just do what they do.”
We’ve seen you without a shirt on in the Redline pits, and you’re looking pretty lean. What are you doin’ to keep those washboard abs?
George: "Lean ? I’m buff ! (laughter)”
Not when you’re standing next to Carne$ – he is buffed. Looks like he could snap you like a twig.
George: "Actually I just have a high metabolism and any workout is good for me. I take weight gain, but I burn most of those calories just sleeping.” 
Lucky you. Compared to most of us 40+ cruiser guys, we’ve all got some gut.

You’ve been doing a lot of Chandler BMX Clinics on a weekly basis — is that also a part of your training regimen?

George: "Yes, I don’t teach from the bleachers. I ride with all the racers in my clinics so I get in some hot laps. But most of these awesome kids just keep me in check. They range in age from 5 to 14 and most of them will make me do pushups if they see on Go211 that I didn’t pedal to the finish line after I told them to. (laughter).  Gotta practice what I preach, huh?”
It’s awesome that you do these Clinics at Chandler. Can you explain to the folks how teaching a 10 year old novice how to do a 2-pedal start helps you train? Or is it purely motivational and mental?
George: "I do get some slow laps in having kids pass me or as I ride with them, I tell them where to pedal, but it is more motivational and helps me mentally. I have to ride the way I ask my riders to, so it’s always in the forefront. It’s a great feeling to have that 10 novice or his parents say, ‘My kid tried that move and they made the main or beat a competitor.’ Just to see that kid smiling ear to ear. I’m giving back to the sport that has given so much to me since 1979. That definitely keeps me motivated!”

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