George Goodall is Gorgeous. 

No; we’re not talking about his suave and debonair looks. "Gorgeous" is his Mike Redman-given nickname from back in the day; a living tribute to the late great Pro wrestler who originally coined himself as "Gorgeous George."  (Hey; it beats "Curious"!)

How long have you been Gorgeous?
George: "It really hasn’t been that long. Probably about 5 years or so. My mom would say since I was born though. (laughter).”
Any other nicknames you go by?
George: "The Ebony Flash, Skinny G, The Network, Triple G …”
How about "Good Hands" ?
George: "Only by you (laughter).”

As a kid, BMX was in Goodall’s blood, and he’d experienced some success as a young amateur growing up in Colorado, racing for co-Patterson. Having turned pro in ’83, George moved to Arizona in 1990, and continued tearing up the thriving Arizona BMX scene – winning on a regular basis at Chandler BMX, as well as Black Mountain.

What prompted you to pack up and move from Colorado to Arizona?
George: "I owned a convertible at the time and needed some sunny weather in order to use it."
It probably didn’t hurt that the Phoenix area has some of the best BMX tracks in the country, eh?
George: "I had raced at Chandler in the mid 80’s during some state series races. I knew Arizona had some class facilities and challenging courses. It was an easy decision to come to AZ to further my BMX career when I got old enough to move.”
After hooking up a nice sponsorship with the Colour Control crew, Goodall took on the single-A-pro class and scored Redline "Gold Cup" Championships (beating the likes of rookie pros Todd Lyons and Brian Foster). He retired from racing in 1996, after his son was born – but the sport had not seen the last of him.
Besides Gold Cup Champ – do you have any other claims-to-fame from your days as a starving BMX pro?
George: " nah, I got GC West in 1990 and GC Central in 1995, both as a single-A pro. I made the cover of the ’93 Jan/Feb BMXer ( back when it was a newspaper style ) in tribute to AZ bike shop team Colour Control. I was leading Kevin Gentry, Billy Au and Nico Does. I made a lot of A-pro mains, won a handful, but podiums were fairly rare.”    
What made you eventually quit racing BMX?
George: "I was in California at the Fall Nationals at Coal Canyon, and I had a 3month old son back home in Arizona. My wife at the time called and said ‘You’re having too much fun and you need to come home.’ I drove home after Fridays practice and retired right then. That was it. Fatherhood called.”
Did you ever have thoughts of reclassing and coming back in the older cruiser ranks?
George: "Nope. I sold all my BMX stuff and got into show cars. I had a shaved and bagged Altima on 20’s with carbon fiber, a rag top with a crazy stereo. Started winning a bunch of car shows and picked up some major sponsors. One year, I just barely missed out on getting my car into SEMA.”
Wow. That’s like the ABA Grands of car shows, right?

George: "It is."

George chats it up with Alise Post during the Roseville Nationals.
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