Hi all Bmx fans!

Redline S.A. took part in their second Gauteng event (Regional races) today at Alrode BMX track in Alberton, Gauteng.

The track is looking awesome after having major changes done during the beginning of 2010. The day looked promising with sun out in full glory as early as 7am this morning. Riders briefing took place all riders had a practice session to try out the new track. Lots of whoops and it reminded me of a world track event.

Racing started and few falls were had by some but our star rider, Jarred Humphries took to the lead in all 3 motos with  awesome finishes. Well done Jarred!

Miguel unfortunately couldn’t race as his pin was only removed two days ago but he is extremely ready to go.

Bianca is still healing her broken arm but should also be up and ready for the Nationals.

Our first National as a team will be taking place over the Easter weekend in Kwa-Zulu Natal in April 2010. Hopefully our team will prove their eagerness.

Keep checking back for our news and updates to follow.