Until Tim "FUZZY" Hall arrived here at Redline, it was a hard cold fact that no member of the Redline freestyle cartel had ever won a Dew Tour event, been invited to the X-Games, or won a Dew Tour Championship or major competition. So, when REDLINE first brought in the Legendary Utah jumpereveryone’s hopes were to turn things around.

With 100% full credit going to Fuzzy’s choice of riders over the past three years – Team Redline has since gone on to win Dew Tour rounds (by Hult and Dosch), finally had a rider make the Invite list for the X-Games (Dosch), score wins at top comps like Big in Bavaria and the Red Bull Stomping Grounds (Dosch and Dosch), and ultimately – this year in Las Vegas, win the Dirt overall at the Dew Tour (again – thanks to Brandon Dosch).

So it is with partial sadness that we bid Fuzz "farewell" from his TM position with Redline. But at the same time, we depart with happiness to hear that he will be moving up the corporate ladder with a solid company, such as RedBull, in to a impressive job position where he can really excel at what he does best.  

”I will be leaving my three-year TM job at Redline Bicycles,"  Fuzzy just announced. "Not because of any negative things at all. They have been absolutely great with me over my timespan there, and I want to thank everyone at Redline HQ for the support."

"I figured with the love I have for all the activities that Red Bull is involved with," explained Fuzzy, "it was a perfect match. After about three months worth of interviews and lots of traveling back and forth to Dallas and Santa Monica, I am pleased to announce that I am now officially the new MSBU Athlete Marketing Manager. With my love for bikes, moto, snowboarding, snowmobiles and all action sports, I feel this job is a natural progression for me."

"We’ll definitely miss Fuzzy and he leaves some big shoes to fill," said Redline Marketing Director Craig "gork" Barrette. "But we’re also very stoked for him to have this opportunity and as much as we hated to, we actually encouraged him to go for it. What he’ll be doing at Red Bull is just too good of an opportunity for him to pass up. Knowing how he was able to turn our freestyle program around and in to a winning team, I look forward to seeing what Fuzz can do at Red Bull when given the chance."

So what does this next phase in life encompass for Fuzzy? "As athlete manager I will be managing/marketing all Red Bull athletes in the Mountain South Business Unit. I am looking forward to not only working with BMX athletes and events but many other action sports athletes, and events as well." Earlier this year, Fuzzy got a good taste of working with RedBull when he built the Stomping Grounds course in Chicago – the contest which was won by Redline’s Brandon Dosch.

As for REDLINE, the question right now is who will replace Fuzzy as our freestyle Team Manager/Rider? "Fuzz has already been speaking with some riders and has given us a list of possible TM’s who he thinks would fit best," commented gOrk. "As of right now, we are just starting to talk to potential recruits and are also heeding the advice from our riders. Hucker, Hult and Dosch will all have a say in who we hire for the job – to work with them."