The weather held up and the racing was good friday night. Everyone was a bit sluggish (especially Steph Barragan and Danny C who pulled all nighter comin from Sydney) due to the New Year’s holiday. Personally, I wasn’t too worried about the race considering it didn’t affect me or my standings in any way. I ended up riding well anyway though. I got third in my "float-around-the-track" time trial and then won my first two rounds against Caroline Buchanan along with a stack of other riders.Third moto I kind of chilled when I didn’t get a good hole shot and just slid in for the second behind Caroline and took the third lane choice in the final which consisted of me, Lauren Reynolds, Caroline Buchanan, Rachel Bracken, and 4 other Australian riders. I think EVERYONE but Caroline missed the gate since it was a quick one, and to add to it I was almost falling over on the flat gate when I stood up. So, needless to say, I didn’t get the hole shot but followed around for a second place finish to start out the 2010 season behind Caroline.

Sam Willoughby did not have the race of his life by any means, got a little held up and was stuck mid pack for the race while Jared Graves took the win in elite men for the evening.

I did a little bit of interviewing after the race and what not and had a good time. It’s weird being at a race with no pressure, I felt like I was riding really well. I hadn’t touched my bike since the grands and managed to hop on and have my skills be right on par for the track. It was a good racing night, but tomorrow looks to be an early morning and since tonight was a lte night I gotta hit the hay, wish me luck tomorrow! (or tomoz as the aussies say)