SAM WILLOUGHBY was The Man of the night in Tulsa for the UCi Cat-4 Race of Champions finale’ – winning it from start to finish, with his New Zealand nemesis Marc Willer keeping him honest and ensuring that Sam cranked it all the way to the line, With his 5th win of the season, and with Latvian Maris Stromsberg sidelined with a gnarly injury, the No.1 title is now Sam’s to win or lose.

Earlier in the day, No.2 seeded Maris Strombergs bailed when he totally overshot a set of doubles in the pro section. Redline sends its sympathy to Maris; and wishes him a speedy recovery,

After Friday night’s victory, Willoughby just needs to remain steady and even without Maris in the picture, Sam’s focus is still on doing what he came here to do. With March Willers’ 2nd place score in the main, he has bumped up his points slightly and remains a longshot.

Another main event highlight was  having a 2nd Redline rider in the gate of 8; in Canada’s Tory Nyhaug – who powered down all day and after winning his semi, held on strong for a 4th place for the night,

As if THAT wasn’t awesome enough, Redline was awarded the Golden Crank Award for BIKE of the YEAR — for the first time ever. After being the runner-up for the past few years, and after winning Pro, Rookie and Team of the Year in the past, Redline is stoked to finally win the popularity award for the Bike catalog,.

In all – it was a excellent night for Redline.