Today was pretty hectic!!! There was some awesome races comes quarters, semis, and especially mains. Everybody just seemed to be going for it, and although crashes aren’t good, the agressive racing was exciting!

I ended up with a second again tonight…pretty fun race though. I probably would have won if i wouldn’t have had one little bonk on the last straight. The whole track I was pulling and that right at that criticial moment I CHOKED! haha nah but it’s coming…i was the only girl boostin the second straight and although it wasn’t the prettiest thing, i still gained a lot by doing it and it looked pretty cool i think. =] haha.

for the guys side, denzel stein won junior with sam willoughby for the second and jelle from the netherlands in third. Corben sharrah was in the mix but Sam rode agressive and got the second spot. In elite, Joey Bradford had a pretty good pop but David Herman (after two HARD OTB’s) had the inside and also had a good first straight…joey was in third going into the second turn but was charging and going WAYYYYY fast but hit a soft spot and his front tire washed out. So then Kalen Young got second.

Connor Fields got a little sketchy in the junior men’s semi and was trying to pass through the rhythm for the fourth qualifying spot when him and nick lucas BLEW UP. Nick Lucas is alright but connor unfortunately lacerated his spleen and is in immediate surgery tonight.

Neither Mike Day or Kyle Bennett made it out of semis either…so as you can see, ONE HECTIC DAY! we race again tomorrow at 11 so check it out on the live feed and i will update ya later!