After a thursday night gymnastics meet (that went pretty well since I stayed on the beam finally!! haha), into a 3am wake up call to catch my flight friday morning…I made it to Guthrie for the first UCI race of the year…and an ABA National on sunday.

Yesterday we had practice and the track was pretty technical. I like that, but it was definitely not easy to get used to you. The gate is a 13 degree angle, which makes it FLAT as can be, but then the hill is kind of long so you get going OK. Then the first straight jumps are pretty lippy so, I just gotta get that dialed in. The Second straight made for some great practice yesterday. There is a pro section (me and brooke were tempted to try the first one but decided it was in our best interest not to lol) and a pretty good AM side that’s fun to jump through as well. The rhythm isn’t the fastest and is definitely hard to get through but if you make it through that you’re good because all that’s on the last straight is a table. It’s a long track which should make for some good racing action!!

We have another practice today and then the UCI race starts at 11:30. After the first round of Jr’s and Elites in the UCI, we will run every 45 minutes regardless of where the ABA motos are at. So tune in on GO211 and check it all out!! (or NBC Universal i am told is the new big deal with these TELEVISED uci races!!)

I will try to get some pics up today for people to check everything out.

wish me luck!!