Saturday- As far as the racing goes, I had an awesome day. Found out that my line on the "guy side" of the second straight was WAYYY faster and was definitely giving me an advantage. First round I tried it out and the inside line almost caused me to crash into Dominique, but I just braked and let her need to crash first round! (except i did anyway on the third straight…dumb loop out AGAIN!!!) The next two rounds, that straight gave me the inside swoop line and it worked out awesome. Once mains rolled around though, that wasn’t what got me in the lead. I actually got a great gate and holeshotted and got in the lead in the first turn. The second straight then extended my lead a little, but I didn’t go through the third straight and people caught up a bit. I took it all the way to the line for a WIN though and was a happy camper! Dominique got second and Ashley Verhagen got third. Brooke Crain took a HARD digger into the second turn, but got up like a champ. On the men’s side, Randy Stumpfhauser took in a win for his home crowd. He is definitely looking fast. During the races Donny and I did another GO211 Army Strong signing and also did some interview stuff for the highlight video that’s coming soon. After the races I got a bite to eat and then got cleaned up after the BLAZING HOT sun all day and did an extended interview deal with GO211 that will beup on here soon as well. After that I headed to Hooters with the JBDotcom team and hung out with all the kids and Bradford’s there for a bit. I just want to say that it is the best feeling in the world when you make a little kid’s face just light up. This little girl I met on the JB team during the day won, and i went up to her and said good job and after the races gave her my big check for winning…her face just lit up from ear to ear and it’s just awesome to be able to make other people happy like that…sometimes you forget the impact you have on others.

SUNDAY-Today went by pretty fast! we were done by about 11:30 I believe. It kind of crazy to think there were only around 70 motos at a national at one of the best tracks in the NATION! More people outta come ride this track. But anyways, today went well again. In motos I took it easy and then when main time rolled around I got a great gate, was winning into the first turn again and just took it from there. Brooke Crain actually rode a pretty good lap behind me..She unclipped in the first turn and while still unclipped…JUMPED the "guy side" second straight!! that’s pretty sweet. She ended up with a third today behind me and dom. Maris Stromberg’s took the win for the men, with DR and Mike Day following for second and third. After the races I packed up, and me and my mom hopped in with the Bradford’s and I am currently at their house enjoying monterey. I fly out tomorrow but it’s nice to catch up with my second family!! =] (except for the fact that Joey is in Japan…but oh well, moms and dads will do lol)

I’ve got a hectic schedule ahead of me between school and graduation, track, and riding the new amazing St. Cloud, MN Pineview park BMX track. I’ll try to keep everybody updated on the life of Alise Post as best I can, but until then….check ya later