Happy Return for Damien Godet


Finaliste à Pékin, le Lyonnais Damien Godet retrouve la compétition après une sérieuse blessure / Photo Maxime Jegat

Le Lyonnais back after a fractured wrist

A final sprint to finish was not enough to climb onto the podium. Damien Godet finally finished fourth, right on the wheels of the leading trio: French champion Thomas Hamon in 1st, the Dutchman Jordy Van der Heij with a 2nd, and Pablo Gutierrez in 3rd.

A finalist of the 2008 Olympics, and a former member of Dardilly team, Godet returned to competition after a badly broken wrist incurred in the United States last September. "I was operated twice. First locally, then returning to France. I was out for four months. But I am satisfied with my racing this weekend. After a long break like that, I found a good feeling to drive me harder. "

However, the track Beynost proved challenging. "It is soft, and not very fast. But this is normal. The track is damp due to rain and snow."

Almost home, the member of Dardilly Regout took advantage of the high level. "There are a lot of Europeans, the level is raised enough."

A small bar regret his smile: "I just missed my final. I am still not where I want to be out of the gate and I got locked up.  But I won my semifinal. But I could not enjoy it. I’ll try to properly recover and get ready for the final."

Not bad for a convalescent who continues his physical therapy sessions. "It is progressing well. I will be ready for the World Cup in Madrid this March, in order to stay in the French selection."

And not to leave until the next Games. In London this time. "I really want to return to the Olympic games. To be in the right position for London. But nothing is guaranteed. I’m starting all over again, back to zero, and will have to fight for my spot."

From the French site – Le Progress