I was on the beach last week-end in Marseille, France.

The track was built for the French Cup final. It is a very good place to ride but unfortunately the track was not good at all… There was no soil but… SAND!  So it was slippery; especially in the turns.  🙁

I crashed in semi on Saturday because I tried to pass Hamon in the last turn for the 4th. On Sunday I finished 6th behind my little brother, who had a very good first straight this weekend. 

Thus, I finished 7th in the French Cup overall… 1st went to Joris Daudet, 2nd to Thomas Hamon, and 3rd to Pelluard.

My next race will be the French Championship in July. Then I will go to Norway for the European Finals and to South Africa with the French team.  I can’t wait for it.  I have a full month of preparation, I hope I will be on fire !!!