Hi everyone,

I did a bad race in Frejus so I am disapointed of the end of the season. The track was almost the same than last year : small jumps and slidy turns ! It was definetely not the same than Chula Vista ! Weather conditions were also difficult, it was very windy ! But it was the same for all riders !

I finished 17th on Time Trials… So I was not as good as last year on this exercise. Top 16 have points in TT, so the bad place was for me !

Then I stopped in 1/4 finals. I had a bad gate, did a good move in 1st corner. I was 4th and tried to come back in the 3rd straight… I went on the outside of the last turn but a Columbian came into my inside and passed me. A beginner mistake…

Well, the season is over. I finish 13th of the world cup standing. I can’t wait the next SX season… See you 😉