The first dates in April and May have been released for this years Redline Flight School Clinics. Jason Carnes will be touring around the US, stopping at local tracks in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Louisiana and Arkansas. Here’s his schedule over the next 2 months:


4/17  Wild Chile BMX – Las Cruses, NM (5-8pm)

4/18  Tucson BMX – Tucson, AZ (9am-12)

4/20  Orange Y BMX – Orange, CA (6-9pm)

4/25  Antelope Valley BMX – Landcaster, CA (9am-12)

4/26  Ventura BMX Raceway – Ventura, CA (9am-12)

5/17  Cargill Park BMX – Shreveport, LA (2-5pm)

5/18  Cabot BMX – Cabot, AR (6-9pm)


The Redline Flight School clinics will give you the skills and training you need to win. Coming to a track near you! View all dates through the summer here.