I went to practice yesterday and felt fine. I took it slow and built up to full speeds and my quad seemed to be OK. I never really got to practicing much after the first straight though…which was the hard part of the track. This area has been hit with rain for the past three weeks straight and it is definitely showing on the track. There are loose spots everywhere, the entire track is somewhat soft (feels like you’re on the brakes the whole time), and its RIDICULOUSLY long. So basically, it’s the most perfect conditions for a injured leg ever….NOT.

So today I practiced again, felt OK, and did my first moto. Actually racing made me realize the conditions of the track and my leg… My leg started pulsing after that round and I knew i needed to listen to my body. So I did something I have NEVER done in the history of my BMX racing career…I PULLED OUT OF THE RACE!! I got a t shirt and shorts on and headed to the announcer’s tower to watch the rest of the pro motos. It was definitely weird sitting up there and I would have rather been racing any day of the week, but I am hoping by taking today and tomorrow which I already pulled out of) off, I will be able to come back full force next week.

Towards the end of watchin the races, I was somewhat glad I didn’t race. People were blowing up EVERYWHERE! Not because the track was hard or anything, but just because they’d hit a soft spot and flip the bars, or their tire would stick trying to manual, or they’d go down on the crowded asphalt turns. Whatever crash I was watching, I was just glad it wasn’t me. People don’t seem to really pull away on this track either….it’s somewhat of an equalizer which would have made the racing tough. Dominique almost got passed by Alaina Henderson today which you never would have guessed. Sam Willoughby also got passed by Tommy Zula…unexpected. Donny Robinson BLEW himself up just going through the rhythm…odd. All kind of stuff like that was happening and I think it will only be worse tomorrow. It supposed to rain more and this is way to long of a track, with asphalt turns, to be racing a mud race. So anyways, the point is…I am good with my decision even though it seems like a waste to be out here.

As for other results…Kyle Bennett won the elite men class, dominique won the women’s class, Tommy Zula won jr men, and I believe john purse won vet pro. PS=Jason carnes MADE IT into the main today!!! first time in a while for this injured man…well healing now =]

time to hit the hay now though. I will be at the track tomorrow, and i will probably take a few pics to put up on here so keep your eyes open.