The last month or so I haven’t had any races so I’ve been able to get some good training in and I’m feeling fresh and ready to go this weekend!  I always love coming to Florida. The tracks are usually pretty good and so is the weather, so I’m looking forward to it.

Our trip started yesterday during a red-eye out of Seattle.  I have to say I’m not a fan of red-eye flights. I just thought it would be easy to pass out and once I woke up I would be in Atlanta.  But I soon realized how uncomfortable the seats were and that it wouldn’t happen that easily  …haha. I woke up in Atlanta with a stiff neck and a very thirsty mouth but we got our connection and made it to the Florida sunshine.  I came directly to the hotel and passed out for a couple hours then went for a recovery ride.

I feel good now and we are going to go do some gates tonight at Oldsmar. Can’t wait.

Wish me luck this weekend,