I find myself in the middle of final exams for my physical therapist assistant degree.  it’s amazing the amount of things we are learning!  The leaves are falling in the neck of the woods and I’ve been riding a little more mountain bike than BMX.  I did get to go to Steel Wheels BMX 3 weeks ago and if you ever have the chance to go, do it!  Great people and a deep pool of talent at that track.  This is the same track that was featured on MTV’s Made episode with my favorite bald headed Texan Jason Carnes!

I’m most likely going to end up at the NBL Morristown Thanksgiving National this year.  I’m looking forward to mixing it up with the other super x’s and double a’s that won’t make the trek to Tulsa.  I’m hoping to Redline dominate the ABA Grands from the Challenge crew along with Denzel, Alise and Jason.  Last year was my first time there and ending up making the semi’s for my first Vet Pro race.  The ROC is insane and it was an honor to be included in the festivities of that! 

I just wanted to post up just something to allow my brain to relax for a second.  I guess I’ve done that now and it’s back to the books!