So. I got back form south africa, drove to california, moved in to college, did a bunch of orientation stuff, was supposed to start class but left for the nbl grands, and somehow managed a good day out of it. I am not going to lie, I felt pretty tired and whipped out of shape coming into this race, heck my dad had to tell me to put the college stuff down when we got out of the car and to focus on racing..that’s a good start..NOT. But anyways, I think my tiredness showed in the first two motos. I hit the incredibly slow gate first moto and came unclipped and got 5th, got pulled down the first straight but managed a second in the second round…but then something clicked in the third round and i decided to have a good first straight, and then the main went as perfect as it gets. I came out with a win today in the NBL grands pre race and it felt really good. All the competition is here, it was a clean race, and it’s really just a big confidence booster. I know even if I pull out another good day tomorrow I probably won’t get the nbl overall title since i am so many points behind dominique daniels, but hey, i can try and make a statement that I’m still here right?? haha i am only joking. But of course I would love to go for another win just by having some smooth clean laps like today’s main.

As for the boys, Maris killed it. Bob DeWilde had a nice spill that took Jeffrey Upshaw out of the mix as well. In Superex Tyler Faoro took the win with a good lap…and masters was…hmm good question. I was actually focused on the gate at that moment so i didn’t see. (actually i was busy falling over in the gate before the cadence start..and i am not kidding. I had to fully unclip not to fall over, and then get resituated while being laughed at by the otehr pros. i guess it happens to the best of us)


anyways, that was day one. The grands are tomorrow night in a "show: format so it’ll be quick racing. Wish me luck and I will update you and give you some pics tomorrow!