Last weekend the first european rounds of the 2010 series kicked off in France. Here is Sebastian Kartfjord#32’s own words to sum up the weekend.

"We arrived in Besancon thursday night for the first european race. On track-walk friday the track looked really good. First straight was long and required power, also a quite technical first jump followed by a long technical second straight, both witch ususally suits me good. In practice I felt really good, I won all my gate starts and managed to pedal over the first jump witch I didnt see anyone else do. Track was dialled and I felt ready for the race.

Come saturday and first moto, everything went fine. Into the last turn I did a small mistake witch shouldn`t cost me much. But I clipped out and my left foot hit the ground hard and twisted. For a good 40 minutes the medics were certain that my ankle broke. I didnt think so and after a while they concluded with a sprained ankle.

Sunday I tried to tape it and maybe give the race a go, but I was far from beeing good enough to enter the race.

Now its a good 4 weeks of training before next euro round and world cup in may. Wish I had a bit more races under my belt so far, but I guess i spent all my bad luck for a while…"

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