I was in Weiterstadt, Germany, for the European championship. The track was the same than in 2008; fast and technical !  This is one of the best tracks in Europe.

The weather was very good. It was hot and we didn’t have a lot of time between motos so it was hard for our poor legs !  On saturday I made it to the main (first time this season) and finished 6th. I was on the outside of the gate and made some mistakes down the first straight. On Sunday, I was out in the semi after Vin’s Pelluard put his foot in my Sun front wheel in the first turn. I was missing 5 spokes but I didn’t even feel it and kept on going, trying to be in the top 4. Pelluard wasn’t able to qualify too; he missed a foot nail !

Next race for me is the French Cup in Marseille, on the "Plages du Prado". The track is right on the beach; it is awesome !


(L to R) Me – Damien Godet (#69), Sander Biessiling (#40), Joris Dodet (#07), eventual winner Raymon van der Biezen (#121) and Jelle vanGorkum (#37).   Count them – five Redline bikes in the main!