Again I am way behind on updating. Sorry, I got home and went into hibernation!

No seriously I actually feel pretty darn good and kinda want to still race a couple more times. Guess my training plan I created for myself was right on, no burnout for me!!

Ok so Sunday morning in Bend I woke up with very little pressure on myself. I told myself I wasn’t going to fuss to much over my Elite race nats. So I got up spent the morning in the hotel room resting and getting ready and staying warm.

My race start time was 11:15am so I knew that the course was very likely going to be frozen. I got out at 10am and did a lap to get my tires dialed in and yes it was icy. I decided that the Grifo Fango’s were the tire of choice, they grabbed nice and I didn’t have to many slips during my pre-ride.

I lined up on the 5th row for the start. Only a couple UCI points for me so I get put in the middle of the pack. That is frustrating sometimes because I know I am faster then a lof of girls ahead of me but because I don’t travel much anymore I don’t have to many opportunities to earn UCI points. I really wish we would get more UCI races on west coast!! Someday.

Anyways I lined up on the very left next to the barriers and hoped for an opening so I could shoot up the left side. And that is what happened. I moved up to around 30th in the start stretch and then made a move on the left had side on the first long straight away and started picking more girls off.

I was feeling really good, no pain the legs at all so I decided to just go as hard as I could and see what I could do. I loved this course so much, it was so much fun to ride every lap. So I just kept having fun and that was helping me pass a lot of girls.

I rode really strong and had no crashes, which was very important, there were girls going down all over the course. And I rode myself up into 17th place at the end. Overall I am very happy, someday I will get a chance to get a good call up position and see what I can do with the big girls.

What a great week. I really had so much fun this week and didn’t want it end. And I am already excited for next year!!

Thank you again to everyone that has supported me in anyway this season. I had a great season and really just had a lot of fun!!

Thank you!