Day 1 at the Easter Classic:

5 nov Nathan Halahan ended up with 3rd in his main on Sat. while brother Luke Halahan (7 nov) gets a 5th in his main due to some crazy compitition.  Isabel Diamond proves on day 1 that she is the 8 yr old girl to beat in the NBL. She ended up with a perfect score of 1,1,1, and took 1st in the main. Josh Grimes (in 17-24 cruiser) came out with a 5th.

Day 2 went a little something like this: Nathan Halahan another 3rd, with brother Luke fared a little better with a 4th. Isabel Diamond nabbed another perfect and was looking pretty rad on her new Redline Flight bike. In 17-24 Cruiser, Josh Grimes upped his game with a 4th place overall, and Super-Ex Matt Beatty made his E.C.P. debut with a 6th in his main.

Gator National Day 1: Next, we headed to Tampa, Florida – looking for another great weekend and that we found! Brothers Nathan and Lukas Halahan finished with 2nds, while Isabel Diamond just missed another perfect with a 2,1,1, and a wound up 1st in her main. 15ex John Bohanski got a 4th. 17-18 ex Nathan Grant with some stiff comp and comes out with a 3rd in his main and wins his main in 17-24 cruiser. Matt Beatty showed Tampa what he was made of and came out on the podium in 3rd in his Super Ex class. Day 2 We had brothers Nathan and Luke finish 3rd. Iasbel Diamond 8 girl had some compition and ended up 2nd in her main. Nathan Grant pulls in another 3rd in 17-18 ex and not much luck on his cruiser and takes a digger. Super Ex Matt Beatty just keeps getting faster each lap and podium’ed again with a 2nd place score.

Over all great exerience and riding in Florida with our skeleton crew.

DIXIELAND NATLS: A-pro Matt Beatty goes to the Dixieland National in Atlanta , Ga and made his ABA debut in his new E.C.P. Racing gear. He didnt have much luck on Sat. by taking a hard fall. Sunday was a whole different story Matt came out blazin by putting himself on the 1st place podium spot! Congrats to Matt as he will be a huge asset to the team in the future. Be sure to see Matt at more NBL and ABA pro series races putting his new Redline Flight on the podium!

We would like to thank our sponsors once agan…Dirty Harrys , Redline , Fly Racing , BRE Paving , Grimy Products number plates,  Alberti Graphics, George at Vaypor Designs for our standout jerseys.