From: East Coast Punishers

Day 1 Freedom National:  E.C.P Racing/Dirty Harry’s/Redline deffinately proves that they are a force to rekon with and are deffinately in the Team NBL title hunt!! Super ex. Matt Beatty gets on the podium with a win. James Hausle 40-44 cruiser has a perfect day on saturday with a 1-1-1 first in the main. Tom Truxell 26-34 ex. finished 2nd in the main with a super stacked class full of heavy hitter! Zach Shafer, our phenom 16 novice shows off once again with another win! Isabel Diamond, 8 yr. old girl, once again proves that she is a definate contender for the national number one plate come the grands with another main win. The Halahan brothers, Lukas and Nathan, 7 nov. and 5 nov. came up winners again, taking 1st place in their mains.  E.C.P Racing ended up on top in Team NBL with a 1st place on saturday!


Day 2 Freedom National:  E.C.P Racing/Dirty Harry’s/Redline comes out swinging once again on day 2! Super ex. Matt Beatty goes hard through out the motos at semi by winning every lap. Come the main, he whole shots, it ends up being a drag race til the end and he comes up short with a 2nd. James Hausle 40-44 cruiser ends up with a 2nd in the main. Tom Truxell 26-34 ex. faired well with a 4th place in the main. Once again, Zach Shafer comes through with another win in the main. Isabel Diamond 8 yr. old girls ends up with a 2nd place in one of the most eventful 8yr. old girl races of the year! Halahan brothers, Lukas and Nathan both come up with wins again in their mains. In team competition E.C.P Racing ends up with a 3rd.


Over all, great results once again! E.C.P Racing/Dirty Harry’s/Redline wants to thank all of its sponsors for all of its support!

Thanks to:

Dirty Harry’s * Redline * FLY Racing * B.R.E Paving * Alberti Graphics * Grimey Products * … and George @ Vapor Designs for the sickest custom jerseys on the track!