Dosch wins BMX Dirt Comp and Best Trick in Wild Windy Chicago. Read the article here.

Dosch summarized, “The contest was super awesome. The jumps were really cool with a unique design. I liked the wallride at the end. It was difficult, the wind played a big factor, but all the riders know that and had to deal with it out there. But my favorite part of the contest was that it was more laid back, not as stressful as some of the big tours. I think everybody had a good time!”

Mike “Hucker” Clark, who led the field after his first run and ended up in 3rd, also had a “sunshiney” perspective on the day, “Red Bull contests are always the best contests there are. The transfers lines were good, Fuzzy and the guys did a great job building the course. Everyone had a great time, and I’m smiling.”

Top 10 :

  1. Brandon Dosch
  2. Chris Doyle
  3. Mike “Hucker” Clark
  4. Dennis Enarson
  5. Ryan Nyquist
  6. Corey Bohan
  7. Ryan Guettler
  8. Drew Bezanson
  9. Cameron White
  10. TJ Ellis

Chipotle Best Trick: Brandon Dosch, Tailwhip Transfer