We flew into Dallas wednesday morning already for a pretty chill day. We picked up Joey Bradford and Masa Sampeii from the airport a litte later in the day and then went and checked out the track and did an evening practice that night. As always the facility is awesome and the track looks well groomed. It’s kinda bumpy but the track is still fast since the dirt is hard as a rock. The first straight is like the 100m dash which is making for a pretty fast track. It’s kind of nice that the first straight is long though because it actually allows time for people to get over and not get screwed by having lane 8. The rest of the track also had a makeover, everything is a little taller, bigger, and deeper. It’s definitely a lot more technical than it ever has been which should make for a good weekend. The second jump is eating a lot of people up though. Phil Delizia actually broke his collar bone first try at it yesterday, and pretty much everyone else has had some sort of scare over it.

Personally, I am having a few difficulties with the second straight. The jumps are so tall its hard to maintain speed jumping (if i even CLEAR it that is) and then it’s pretty deep so it’s also really hard to manual. Hopefully during today’s practice I will get it all dialed in for the races tonight. We race at 3 today, have practice and then race again around 11 or 11:30 tomorrow, and then race again at 8 i believe sunday. Saturday is the US National Championships so it should be an exciting weekend…I will keep ya posted =]