I was not able to blog until now about the national championships in desoto TX because we went to spain right after it and I had no internet…so here’s a little recap on my weekend there in dallas.


Prior to the race, I had had another WODS(women’s olympic development squad) training camp for Madrid. I was the only girl that left that camp early in order to race in TX and it ended up being an okay weekend. When I got there I wasn’t too pumped on the track, just because I had come off the high speed Chula track and it was hard to get my gear going on the TINY DeSoto hill after have a 35ft hill doing it for me that last few weeks. On Friday my first first straights were definitely slacking because of this and I was 3rd/4th into the first turn. i had good track speed at the race though and was catching girls everywhere. For the first time in my life, I was also granted a bit of luck in the main! Dominque, who had been leading, came unclipped and caused a ballup in the second turn, where I just hung back and swooped in to pass everybody. It worked out well for me and I took the win for the day. Like I told my parents, "I’ll take the win, but I won’t claim it". It’s nice to have a little luck on your side once in a while =]

Saturday, the National Championships day, was cold. Not going to lie, I wasn’t dressed for the weather. It was about 35 degrees in TX!!! Everybody kept saying, "oh you’re from minnesota this is normal for you.." and my response to that is, "yeah, and in minnesota i wear a heavy coat and a hat and mittens and race indoors!!!" The whole day was pretty wild though. We just sat in heated cars as our warm up and then quickly hopped on the track to race, then rushed back to the heated car. bp gas had to have made a killing from all the cars sitting on all day for their heaters. In the final I had a great start and almost beat Dom into the first turn, but just barely missed out and had to make up for my lost speed in turn one over the rest of the track for the second place spot of the day. However, I do believe I still got the National Champion title for the Elite class since Dom was a Jr in our combined class. We re not sure what the outcome will be…they didn’t give me a champion jersey in the awards that day, but last year this same thing happened and Steph Barragan was supposedly awarded the jersey two months later. I was also drug tested as the winner of elite women, not as a random..And under UCI rule, which is what the USAC event is run by, two jerseys should be awarded within the combined class..so why weren’t there that day??? There were a lot of rulings that weren’t clear on this day and it would just be nice to know that things weren’t just being made up as they went along. As long as the rules are clear cut, then I’m okay with the outcome. I just don’t like the gray areas that seem to surround the women’s class all the time, and hopefully it gets better as time goes on.

After the race and drug testing, we all HURRIED over to the new, infamous Cowboy stadium (which is everything its talked up to be) for the Dallas Round of AMA Supercross. Obvoiusly, my boy from MN, Ryan Dungey took the victory and it was a great night for all until we had to walk outside to a SNOWING mess!! It’s like somethings trying to tell me I belong in the snow or something haha. WHEN THE HECK DO YOU GET 4-6 INCHES OF SNOW IN DALLAS!!!!

Unfortunately, the snow stayed on the ground for SUnday’s racing as well. It was an even colder day than Saturday, but thankfully I was getting good first straights still in the cold and took the win for the day before I headed back to SD for a quick layover before leaving with the group to Madrid.

For as cold and terrible of a weekend as it was, I got some good results and now have 5 wins I believe, so I have 5 more to get before the grands and I should be all set to go for another ABA title at the end of the year….I also made a new little friend…SCOOTER DALLAS SAFFIN! I gave her the big check I won for the weekend =]


Here’s some pics from the Supercross: