What a wonderful trip to Park City, Utah. Not only was the venue and race awesome, the surrounding mountains were stunning. I had an amazing time meeting all the people who make Redline Bicycle Company the personable and successful company that it is, such great people! It was also great to get to know some bike shop owners and various companies within the cross industry.

Working with the Redline team was incredible, anything I needed they has ready to go! Thursday night was the mid summer night cross race on a fun, dry, fast course. The race was only 30 minutes in duration so it was fast from the start. Caroline Mani got the hole shot but I was right on her wheel, riding second wheel into the single track. I had a bit of difficulty a short section of off camber which initially caused me to get gapped from Amanda Carry and Caroline Mani’s wheel. I soon had to settle down and ride my own pace, feeling a little bit of the higher altitude but once I found my rhythm I began to feel great on the bike. Got caught by Rebecca Gross but once I found my legs I attacked hard before some of the more technical off camber sections and got a good gap. Happy to be on the podium with 3rd place and looking forward to refining my skills.