The ABA pro tour went via De Soto texas this weekend for the ABA Super Nationals. 

It was a three day weekend with Friday night and Sunday being regular ABA/UCI pro races and the Saturday was the USAC national Championships. 

Due to being the foreign Australian guy i just raced Friday and Sunday. 


After an eventful week with getting into a car accident Tuesday and try to get my Truck i brought just 1 week ago fixed while i was away, it was nice to just get on that plane to Texas and go for a fun weekend’s racing and staying with Post’s and Derosa’s is always fun and relaxing. 


So the racing got under way on Friday for us all, i was feeling really good and i think things are all coming together nicely, as i felt a lot fresher and sparky i guess is the work this weekend. We didn’t have as many riders in AA pro class as normal this weekend however we still had all the heavy hitters, with Strombergs, Stumpy, Bennett, KY, Nic Long and DR. 

So it was just as hard as ever. I made it through moto’s and to the main as 2nd qualifier. I was little late on the gate in the main and didn’t have the best of starts i came out of the 1st turn 3rd but with not a lot of speed i drop back to 4th, but was able to make up for it in the rhythm and caught back to 3rd were i stay to the finish line. I was happy with the race and it was another coincident score so no real complaints. 

With having Saturday off i went back to the hotel and enjoyed a nice big pizza haha and look forward to watching Alise and Ant the next day. 

I like just having days at the races sometimes to watch and i really enjoyed just sitting back and watching Alise on Saturday and trying to help her were i could. She rode exceptionally well and managed to all but hole-shot 3D down a  first straight that was built for her (flat no jumps). So i am looking forward to seeing how Alise goes in Madrid she has been real dedicated lately and i think it’s going to pay off next weekend. Just last week she was the first girl to jump the triple on the first straight at Chula Vista which is just over 40ft which i just think is unreal, cause i know i was scared to hit it for the first time. Anyways enough of my raving on about how proud i am of my girl friend lol. 


After racing Saturday we rushed over to the AMA Super cross round in texas which was held at the new Cowboys stadium which is unbelievable by the way. They have a 120 foot wide big screen in the middle of it which cost 60 Million $$$$$$ to build (more then the old cowboys whole stadium. Crazyyyy… And well we all know how much of a super fan i am of Super Cross so it was awesome, to see and a lot of fun with Big and lil Ant, Carnes and Alise. Big thanks to big Ant for the awesome seating he got us. It was a great night with Ryan Dungey from Minnesota which has been my 2nd home in a lot of ways winning, so Alise and I were quite happy to see that. 


When we left the super cross saturday night we walk out the arena and into Snow!!!! in texas, Hopeing it would clear over night we woke up in the morning to find the ground covered in snow and the weather channel at breakfast was predicting temperature in the 30’s but due to the 35-40mph winds it was going to feel like it was in the teens. COLD!!!!. 

Thankfully our team manger at Redline the sexiest guy in BMX Jason Carnes is always looking out for us and had the trailer heated and all the warm up bikes in the trailer ready for us to keep warm on through out the day. So a huge thanks to Jason for all his hard work over the weekend as always. On sunday even with the cold weather i was feeling really good and excited to get things going. I had a bit of a scare in moto three with a crash in  the first turn which put me as 7th qualifier and for a moment their i though i may had missed y first main of the year. I came out of lane 8 and with the Gold medalist Maris strombergs in lane 1 it was going to be tuff. I managed to get into the first turn even with him  but couldn’t get across him quite. We battle together all the way around the track. It was a really fun race, i ended up 2nd which i though was good result for the position i was in out the gate. The good thing was i am feeling really good leading into the Super Cross this weekend in Madrid Spain.  


So thats the wrap from this weekend and i am about to get ready to flight out to Spain so, ill have more this week from Spain.

Click HERE to view the main from Sunday in De Soto